Who Is Brad Hickey? – Brash Higgins, McLaren Vale, SA

2 thoughts on “Who Is Brad Hickey? – Brash Higgins, McLaren Vale, SA”

  1. Hey Daniel, good read on the background of Mr Hickey – big fan of the wines. Where would you see Brad as fitting in your “Natural, organic, biodynamic” construct?

    1. Thanks, Stuart. Your feedback is much appreciated! I see Brash Higgins sitting within the natural category of my writing, not organic or biodynamic. My definition for a natural wine is ‘to encourage a change of state from the vineyard to the bottle‘, and as such Brash Higgins would fit into that definition. I have written about certain winegrowers who make natural wine from conventionally grown fruit, namely, Bobar, Jauma, and Harkham, and all four were at Rootstock 2014.

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