‘Total Sustainability’- SAW, McLaren Vale

  According to the article, ‘What Does Sustainability Mean? Knowledge Gleaned From Applying Mixed Methods Research to Wine Grape Growing,’ by Irina Santiago-Brown, Cate Jerram, Andrew Metcalfe and Cassandra Collins,(first published online in the Journal of Mixed Methods Research, May 19, 2014), sustainability is defined as… “The continuous pursuit of equilibrium between economic, social, and … Continue reading ‘Total Sustainability’- SAW, McLaren Vale

The ‘T’ Word – Clos Henri, Marlborough, NZ

“Nous sommes en pleine croissance axée terroir vin, en utilisant des méthodes biologiques pour le faire.” New Zealand Translation… “We’re growing terroir focused wine, using organic methods to do so, bru.” – – Clos Henri, in New Zealand’s famous Marlborough wine region, is located on a 3,000 year old river bed, which sits just above … Continue reading The ‘T’ Word – Clos Henri, Marlborough, NZ

A Whole New World – Hans Herzog Estate, Marlborough N.Z.

“In the new world, everyone talks about winemakers, like they’re heros,” says Hans Herzog, owner and vigneron at Hans Herzog Estate in Marlborough, New Zealand, “but we should be talking about the vineyard, and winegrowing, because that’s where wine really comes from.” Hans thinks of himself as a vigneron, a French term for someone who … Continue reading A Whole New World – Hans Herzog Estate, Marlborough N.Z.