Happiness and the Human Touch – Seresin, Marlborough, NZ

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  1. Hi guys, always enjoy reading the latest from the wine idealist. Wanted to comment about the inevitability of vines being sprayed with sulphur. There are alternatives like milk whey, casurina tea, equisetum and ecocarb that allow the growing of grapes without wettable sulphur in the vineyard. The other impact is yeast health during ferment as stressed yeast can produce hydrogen di sulphide which can then convert into sulphite in wine. Bottom line is it is possible to produce a wine without sulphur in it in any measurable quantity. Unfortunately when it comes to labelling it has been explained to me that due to the possibility of a reaction in an individual at homeopathic levels it is unwise to actually label a wine as sulphur free (even though it tests that way) as the outcome may possibly be ruinous. This doesn’t mean we shouldn’t try just that we need to explain ourselves well. My personal experience is that consumers are very aware of sulphur in wines and there is significant proportion of people (I’d put the number as high as 20%) who have made a concious decision to limit the style of wine they prefer based on perceived sulphur levels in that wine style. Seems to me to be a hot topic in wine today.

    1. Thanks, Wayne. Your comments are always insightful and appreciated. I didn’t know about your point on stressed yeast… I think the more that winemakers/growers can reduce their reliance on sulphur, especially in excessive amounts, the better for any wine lover, regardless of allergic reactions or preference. Your Joven proves that wine can be made with no sulphur, taste delicious and be enjoyed over a number of days. Thanks! D//

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