The Wine Idealist was started just over two years ago with the aim to learn, explore, narrate and be an advocate for natural, organic and biodynamic wines from Australia and New Zealand…

Since November 2012, has slowly been changing into more than just a blog. Through interviews with many high profile winegrowers and makers, such as Vanya Cullen, James Millton, Julian Castagna, and Ron Laughton (Jasper Hill), combined with other interviews and stories about many smaller, up and coming producers, like Patrick Sullivan, Fraser McKinley (Sami-Odi), and Sarah and Iwo from Si Vintners, has evolved into the go to resource for anyone around the world wanting to find out about and explore the changing state of Australian and New Zealand wine.

From this, The Wine Idealist has spawned events like inGRAPESweTRUST and What’s In Your Glass?, which, again, aim to promote and explore natural, organic and biodynamic wines from Australia and New Zealand, and to get people tasting and drinking them, so that they too can (hopefully) share in my passion for these authentic (and delicious!) wines.

In order to continue evolving and involving readers of The Wine Idealist, as well as anyone else who’s intrigued and wants to explore these kinds of wines with me, The Wine Idealist is today launching two brand new experiences for you to take part in, and really explore and engage with wine idealism…

The Wine Idealist presents…

Wine Idealist TOURS




Join The Wine Idealist on a unique 2-day, all-inclusive private wine tour of the Hunter Valley’s best natural, organic and biodynamic vineyards and wineries… including, Tamburlaine, Macquariedale, Krinklewood, and Harkham Wines. A special quick visit to Tinklers Wines newly planted, dry grown, biodynamic vineyard is also included.


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and VINTAGE::2015




Join in the excitement of harvest in the Hunter Valley by making your very own wine with a professional winegrower! Learn how wine is grown first and made second, during a four-day winemaking adventure at one of the Hunter Valley’s premium organic wine producers… Macquariedale Organic Wines.


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NOW, The Wine Idealist is more than just a blog…

BUT, don’t worry.. There’ll still be brand /NEW/ stories each and every week for you to read, including a few special guest posts, every now and then, by some of the leading wine writers, growers, makers and even pourers from both Australia and New Zealand, and around the world!

You’ll still be getting the same great content, informative stories, interviews, eBOOKS and advocacy for natural, organic and biodynamic wines from Australia and New Zealand, only now you’ll be able to take part and engage with real wine idealism through any of the above experiences, as well as the regular inGRAPESweTRUST events and annual What’s In Your Glass? festival!

I’d like to extend a big HUG and THANK YOU to everyone who’s ever engaged with The Wine Idealist over the past two years. It’s you who has inspired me to go further and do more with than I could have ever imaged, when I started it just over two years ago!

Also, big thanks to The Wine Idealist’s graphic and web designer Ben Mitchell, who’s done a tremendous job making and all associated wares look damn cool!
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If you want to know more about any of the above experiences, please do not hesitate to contact me via Email, Twitter, or Facebook… or even if you just want to SAY HELLO!

Eat. Drink. Be Merry!


D// – The Wine Idealist





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