Welcome to Wine Idealism in 2016…

2 thoughts on “Welcome to Wine Idealism in 2016…”

  1. Thanks for everything so far from over here in the UK. All the best for the Doctorate. I’ll look forward to your articles, even if less frequent.

    As a blogger who earns nothing from wine writing, I well know the time pressures writing an article invilves. My writing is sustained by a passion for wine and the real thrill of writing. But it ain’t easy. The research is, oddly enough, the tough bit – it’s all self funded. No trips to Chile at others’ expense, and no cases of wine turning up on the doorstep to review. I know you began like this, but you have become a wine influencer in three years flat.

    Very best wishes, and cheers.

    1. Cheers, David for you incredibly kind words! I appreciate you taking the time to read my articles each week. It’s a slog, but a great and very rewarding one to be a part of, absolutely. Looking forward to reading many more stories from you in 2016 as well! Cheers! D//

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