‘Total Sustainability’- SAW, McLaren Vale

  According to the article, ‘What Does Sustainability Mean? Knowledge Gleaned From Applying Mixed Methods Research to Wine Grape Growing,’ by Irina Santiago-Brown, Cate Jerram, Andrew Metcalfe and Cassandra Collins,(first published online in the Journal of Mixed Methods Research, May 19, 2014), sustainability is defined as… “The continuous pursuit of equilibrium between economic, social, and … Continue reading ‘Total Sustainability’- SAW, McLaren Vale

‘Truth & Adventure’ – Cape Jaffa Wines, South Australia

“Our whole approach to farming is that it’s not just about being sustainable in the vineyard and using biodynamics,” says Anna Hooper, winemaker for Cape Jaffa Wines, on the Limestone Coast, South Australia, “because (biodynamics) also encourages really creative thinking. So, we follow not just the agricultural aspects of biodynamics, but also try to be creative in the … Continue reading ‘Truth & Adventure’ – Cape Jaffa Wines, South Australia

‘Practical Compromise’ – Moondarra Wines, Victoria

“Lots of people say they don’t compromise in their vineyard, but we do. Especially with time.” Neil Prentice is a former ‘wine waiter’, now restauranteur and winegrower, from Sandringham in Victoria. In 1991, his parents purchased a property in the Gippsland Mountain River District, two hours east of Melbourne and established a cattle farm to … Continue reading ‘Practical Compromise’ – Moondarra Wines, Victoria

‘Outliers’ – The Australian Wine Paradigm Shift

This week’s edition of The Wine Idealist sees the first of many outside contributors writing original content for thewineidealist,com. Wine Idealists, other than myself, will be offering up new perspectives, ideas, and opinions about natural, organic and biodynamic wines from Australia and New Zealand, and it is you, the exquisitely tasteful and loyal readers of The Wine … Continue reading ‘Outliers’ – The Australian Wine Paradigm Shift

‘Seeing is Believing’ – Peregrine Wines, Central Otago, NZ

“If I see something working (in the vineyard), I don’t need to go and find a (research) paper to make me believe what I see,” says Nick Paulin, viticulturist for Peregrine Wines in Central Otago, New Zealand. “When you walk through the vineyard and see a healthy looking vine and the fruit it’s producing, I … Continue reading ‘Seeing is Believing’ – Peregrine Wines, Central Otago, NZ

‘Unbroken Continuum’ – Quealy Wines, Mornington Peninsula, Victoria

The Mornington Peninsula, located an hour’s drive south of Melbourne, is subject to a cool, maritime climate that is accentuated by the Southern Ocean and two bays, which skirt a long length of coastline that juts out, like a boot, from the bottom of the Victorian state. The soils are naturally fertile, thanks to the nearby dormant volcano … Continue reading ‘Unbroken Continuum’ – Quealy Wines, Mornington Peninsula, Victoria